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The Area

Abercelyn is ideally situated in Snowdonia for geology fiels trips. Some highlights of the area include:

  •     The Bala Fault (Rift Valley) which formed the valley occupied by Bala Lake and Abercelyn
  •     Magenese mine and an unusual stone quary, a short walk from Abercelyn
  •     The Aran ridge formed by igneous action
  •     Arenig Fawr shaped by igneous activity, glacial cirque and an impressive granite quarry, which isn't granite
  •     Rhobell Fawr the first volcano in the area and impressive explosion breccia
  •     Cader Idris with igneous formations, glaciation, talis rampart and peri-glactial landslide
  •     The Harlech Dome with pre-Cambrian sedimentary formations and excellent examples of turbidites
  •     Yr Arddu a rhyolitic dome, bedded pyroclastic tuff, flow foliated banding, ignimbrite flow with siliceous nodules, and columnar jointing


The Bala Fault created the valley in which Bala Lake and Abercelyn lies

Field Trip with Paul Gannon, author of "Rock Trails"

Tension gash